90+ Ways You Know You’re Becoming French – The Book


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This cute little book (10x10cm) with watercolor illustrations contains 90+ points that are ways you know you are Becoming French. Such as:

  • finding nothing wrong with saying, in English, “I’m going to close the light,” “I have to get down from the bus at the next stop,” “I am here since three years”…
  • no longer ordering coffee with the main course (as opposed to with – or after – dessert)…
  • no longer thinking – let alone complaining – about how small the closets are…

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For orders over 8 copies contact us for a discount: becomingfrench@fusac.org

The authors:

Shari Leslie Segall, in Paris since 1985 and author of France-themed books and articles, teaches English and cross-cultural communication at the prestigious Institut des Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) and at the French Military Academy. She is the founding director of Foreign Affairs, which provides linguistic and cross-cultural training and creates English-language documents for executives.

Lisa Vanden Bos, originally from the U.S.A. and in Paris since 1989, is co-owner of FUSAC, the magazine and website for English speakers in Paris. She has created two volumes of the Speak Easy Book of French and English idiomatic expressions. Lisa never tires of exploring Paris, France and French language and culture.

Judit Halász, the illustrator, is a Hungarian designer who loves France. Having studied graphic and packaging design, fashion design and furniture design at the University of West Hungary and at Seinäjoki University in Finland, she has a Master’s Degree in industrial design. Judit created the HJ group, whose creations are featured at trade fairs. She loves to paint. This was her first book-illustration assignment and she is tickled pink.

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